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Lee Sykes:



Having always had a talent and passion for music, Lee spent 3 years studying for a degree in Contemporary Composition at Dartington College of Arts, Devon.

Lee spent his time in Dartington experimenting with a large variety of musical genres. For example, electronic music and the manipulation of acoustic instruments with electronic effects, mixing genres such as Drum and Bass with a small orchestra live, as well as experimenting with the traditional music of Britain and Indonesia.

Lee also spent a lot of time analysing the work of contemporary composers such as Ligeti, Stravinsky and Cage, all of which have influenced the style and versatility of his compositions.

Lee graduated from Dartington with a 2:1 in contemporary composition and set up Vortex Music Productions to continue his interest and love for composition.

Through Vortex Music Productions, Lee has composed music for contemporary theatre, short films one of which is an international award winner, documentaries, live poetry, corporate work and CD-Roms. For further information go to the Portfolio.






Influences: Contemporary and Classical music, Balinese Gamelan, Folk music to Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop and Punk / Heavy Metal, as well as Motown and Northern Soul.
Instruments: Flute (Grade 8), Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Keyboards / Sampling, Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar.