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Liar (extract)

I Will Miss (extract)

The latest CD-Rom is available upon request.

MPEG Video

An MPEG player is required to play these videos, such as Windows Media Player. If you do not have an MPEG player, you can download one for free (for PC and Mac) from:
Film and Theatre Soundtracks

Scarred Memory Films - “Designer Babies” Directed by Iain Gaffney - 8min film. Composition and sound design for solo viola and 40 piece choir – 2000 International award winner - 2001


HTV - “Other Voices” Directed by John Smith - “Without War” Poetry and Music collaboration with Gerry King – 2000















"If you have the opportunity of listening to Lee's work you will understand why I consider myself very fortunate to work with him" - Gerry King, Life After Dartington Newsletter


Slackjaw Films - “In The Jeans” - Opening Titles - Directed by Mike Gallant - 2000-


Third Angel – “Where From Here” Directed by Alex Kelly and Rachael Walton – 90min Theatre performance, - 2000

CDs of the soundtrack are available from Third Angel on request for £10. Included here are a sample of extracts from the soundtrack



Corporate Videos
Roger Burgess Video – “Marine Technology” - A recruiting video for Newcastle University – 2001




















"In the recruiting video I was making for Newcastle University, the challenge was to make Marine Technology sexy. Lee's bright and beaty original music helped no end, and the female vocal whispering phrases like "Engineering For The Sea" on the soundtrack should bring the undergraduates flocking in!" - Roger Burgess


Chameleon TV - “The Black PantheDirected by Clive Entwistle, Channel 5 Documentary - 2000