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We have just updated the demo CD to a CD-Rom with a video showreel.

The demo CD now contains audio demo tracks for an ordinary CD player, along with a CD-Rom section for a computer, the CD-Rom contains:
  • This website with over 40 high quality MP3 audio tracks - this enables quick searches of the tracks you are looking for.
  • 6 Films to demonstrate music to picture, these include:

Scarred Memory Films - Designer Babies

HTV - Other Voices

Slackjaw Films - In The Jeans

Third Angel Where From Here (2 extracts)

Roger Burgess Video Marine Technology

Chameleon TV - The Black Panther

CD-Rom: V5












Note: The Demo CDs have a version number on the cover and on the CD label itself.

The latest version of the CD-Rom is V5

If you would like the latest CD Demo, please contact Lee Sykes.