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Corporate Packages:

Give your Corporate Videos / Multimedia Presentations / Websites the extra edge by using original and specially composed music for your projects.

Are you looking to develop a new identity for your corporation?

A corporate music package developed especially to suit your organisation could be the answer you have been looking for.


A corporate package can include:

A Corporate signature tune - 40 sec main theme tune, suitable for adverts, videos, presentations etc.


An intro motif - 3-5 secs, developed from the main theme tune, suitable for adverts, sonified e-mails, websites, CD-Roms, presentations etc.


Music Bed - several minutes - developed from the main theme tune to underscore videos, presentations, etc. - The music bed can be composed and synced specifically to a video, to suit the mood of the video, or it can be developed as a separate track to be used for multiple purposes.


Using a package of music in this way, develops a musical advertising identity for your company. Whenever your customers hear a few seconds of our music they will think of your company.






All music is delivered on time, to broadcast standards and kept within the budget.