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A set price list can not be shown, as each project varies so much.

We can however give a list of the elements which affect the price, and if you contact us with these details, we will give you a quote for your project as soon as possible.

Please click on the link below and fill out the quote request form.

  • Style of the music / Instrumentation - Do you require techno / synth based music / orchestral music / live musicians?
  • Time length of the music required.
  • Media requirements - What media will the music be used on? - TV, Video, CD-Rom etc.
  • Which countries do you intend broadcasting to?
  • Delivery date of the production.
  • Any Sound Design requirements?
  • Musicians.


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Please visit the Download section to hear examples, or

Request the latest CD-Rom demo.






All music is delivered on time, to broadcast standards and kept within the budget.