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We provide music for websites and for e-mails:

We can supply music to any requirements, to suit the mood of a website.

We encode the music into MP3 / Realaudio streaming formats or any other format required.

Music can be developed so that it interacts with moving flash animations etc, so that it enhances the presentation as a film soundtrack.

Music can be composed in small loop formats that are layered together, so that the music is quick to download.


Sonified E-mails - Are you looking for a way to get your e-mails noticed?

Sonified e-mails, suitable for html e-mails embed a small signature tune into your e-mails, so that as soon as your e-mail is opened, a short motif is played, which gives your e-mail a unique identity.

The music for the e-mail is streamed from your website, this means that the e-mail size and download time remains the same as an ordinary text e-mail.

To request an example sonified e-mail click here

send a blank e-mail with the Subject Heading - Sonified






All music is delivered on time, to broadcast standards and kept within the budget.