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- One To One Tuition -



Cubase and Logic Audio

Taught by Lee Sykes of Vortex Music Productions, an experienced composer for the media.

Lessons available from Pro-Studio or your home.



Example of the lessons offered:


Cubase VST - midi and audio sequencing (see composition techniques below)
Logic Audio - midi and audio sequencing (see composition techniques below)
Recycle - Beat manipulation and the creation of samples


Sampling - In particular the use of Akai samplers. How to program, create samples, manipulation of drum beats, for example how to create original Drum and Bass samples using a sound module and sampler - This works especially well with a combination of an audio sequencer, recycle and hardware sampler.


Other elements
Setting up a PC / Building a PC for audio recording - I have built my own PC audio system, which made a big saving on the retail price and is specially set up for my particular needs.
Setting up a midi system, general hardware help etc.
Optimising your system - get the best from your setup


Composition techniques
Running along with the software sequencing lessons, the lessons can be tailored to your specific needs. For instance, techniques for writing Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Techno, Rock etc.

I also use my sequencer for composing Classical and Contemporary music and then use the audio recording section of the sequencer to record live performances of the instruments.

I can cover most areas, including syncing music and composing to picture










If you have any other requirements for

Music Technology lessons,

I am sure that I will be able to help.


Please contact

Lee Sykes

for further information