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Updated: 3/12/01


Completed major update to the website.

Added: MP3 Streaming Downloads, as well as Real-Audio downloads.

Streaming Video footage, to demonstrate work to picture.

Developed an E-mail Newsletter, for further details regarding the newsletter, click here.

The Newsletter contains information regarding the latest projects, any special offers, along with updates of music and video.




Updated: 19/11/01

Latest project:

Third Angel – “Believe The Worst”- Directed by Alex Kelly and Rachael Walton – 60min Theatre performance

Click here for "Believe The Worst" Information

"Believe The Worst” is currently touring the UK, for the venue tour dates click here.

If you are planning on attending a performance, contact Lee Sykes first to arrange a meeting at the venue.

Vortex Music Productions have just updated their demo CD to a CD-Rom with a video showreel.

The demo CD now contains audio demo tracks for an ordinary CD player, along with a CD-Rom section for a PC, the CD-Rom contains:
  • This website with over 40 high quality MP3 audio tracks - this enables quick searches of the tracks you are looking for.
  • 6 Films to demonstrate music to picture, these include:

Scarred Memory Films - “Designer Babies”

HTV - “Other Voices”

Slackjaw Films - “In The Jeans”

Third Angel – “Where From Here” (2 extracts)

Roger Burgess Video – “Marine Technology”

Chameleon TV - “The Black Panthe

Updated: 11th Jan 2002







Added: Music from the latest project, Third Angels' "Believe The Worst."

Hip-Hop Jingle - DJ Oblivion

Updated CD-Rom demo to V5

Updated Third Angel Believe The Worst Tour Dates for Jan to March 2002 Click Here