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Third Angel presents:

"Believe The Worst"

" . . . crossing boundaries and redefining the nature of theatrical experience." - The Guardian

Buried under a mountain of paperwork, entrenched deep within the gutters of the Corporation's business empire is a grey, crumbling, grubby little office. It is antiquated, under-resourced and smells slightly of damp. It is home to our three employees as they run their little rat race, punch their time cards and collect their meagre wage packets. They have been passed over for promotion, forgotten in departmental re-shuffles, and left to their own devices for too long. Now they are starting to realise that although they might know what their jobs are, they don't know what their employer actually does . . .

Heralded as one of the most exciting companies to emerge on the British theatre scene in recent years, Third Angel combines performance, text, soundtrack and trailing edge technology to create thrilling, contemporary theatre. Not afraid to ask difficult questions, this is theatre that is at once moving and entertaining.

"Extraordinary performances" - The Times.



















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